Let my voice sell your product

If I haven’t answered your questions below, please feel free to contact me. The more information you can provide the better I may serve you.

How do you base your rates?

  • Radio & TV for a minute or less is based on a 13-week cycle

  • Radio & TV rates also vary depending on the market (ex: Local, Regional, or National).

  • Narrations and animations are per finished hour

  • Narrations can be for a documentary, films with a third party narration, or audio books.

  • Animation rates also depend on if it is Broadcast, Non-broadcast or Video Games.

  • Phone/On Hold/IVR are per minute, per prompt, per file

  • Trailers depend on the media and/or market

  • eLearning depends on the project and any post production required

In addition to the rate what other expenses could be added?

  • If travel is expected to a studio.

  • If there is a large revision in the script

  • Additional tags

  • Editing for large narration projects

  • If post-production is requested

  • Session fees

  • If ISDN is requested

  • If specific phone patches are requested

  • Animation sides

  • Additional Usage

What are the possible post-production costs?

  • Music bed involving a royalty free fee or copyright fees

  • Sound Effects or Stings

  • Multiple voices or sounds

  • Producer fees

  • Studio fees

How do you handle pick-up fees?

  • There is obviously no charge for errors I make on words, pronunciation, etc.

  • Re-recording minor script changes the client asks for will be 10% of the original cost.

  • Major script changes can be up to 50% of the original job.

What is your payment process?

  • I accept credit cards or checks

  • Payment is due within 30 days of the job delivery.

  • Payments not received within 30 days will have a 5% late fee added for each additional month up to 90 days.

  • After 90 days late, an additional 10% late fee will be charged every 30 days.

Do you offer discounts?

  • Always open for discussion.