Let my voice sell your product


"Penny, your voice is sweet, mature and friendly - you have such a great conversational ability and really know how to come across as sincere, real, and believable. Your expressive energy in your delivery is great, and you have good instincts on the basics of pitch and pacing. Nice!"

Lisa Foster, Talent Coach & Producer for Such A Voice

My interests extend to all things related to communication and/or imagination.

  • In Voice Over for commercials I look for how my voice expression on the script can sell a client’s product.
  • When doing PSAs or Narrations, I look for what the image and feeling is that the client wants to convey.
  • For eLessons, I strive to emphasize the key words in the lessons to reinforce the process in each step.
  • IVR/Phone messages are generally stressful for the user, so I try to not be too cheery. My voice is calm and softer with a focus on speaking clearly.

My degree is in Journalism. I spent many years writing and in marketing, then, in the early 70’s I got a certification as an Information System Specialist and moved into IT. As the IT industry grew, I migrated to Quality Assurance which led me back to Communication. And it was that desire to improve communication that brought me to a career in Voice Over. Which I absolutely love!!!